14 April
11:00 - 18:00

Use of NIR/ICG fluorescence imaging in gynecology with the IMAGE1 S ™ Rubina ™ System from KARL STORZ


Gynecology Myomectomy Surgical treatment of endometriosis




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Нігуца Ігор Павлович

лікар акушер-гінеколог вищої кваліфікаційної категорії

Кандидат медичних наукдиректор Медичного Центру "Esperanto MED"


Ліщук Володимир Данилович

Лікар-гінеколог вищої категорії, Кандидат медичних наук, Керівник Центру здоров'я жінки, Заслужений лікар України

Кукіна Галина Олександрівна


About the event

Dear Colleagues! The event will be held as part of the exchange of experience of the use of ICG in Gynecological Procedures.
During the event there will be three operational engagement. The data of the patients you can see below:


Patient U. 41 years old

Diagnosis: Endometriosis. Ovarian endometrioma. Chronic salpingitis and oophoritis

Complaints: moderate pain on the first day of menstruation, a feeling of bloating before and during menstruation.

In 2018, endometriosis of the right ovary was discovered. Was observed. I asked about further treatment.

MR picture of “cystic” space-occupying lesions of both ovaries with hemorrhagic content (“chocolate cyst”), which is typical and characteristic of Endometrioma, diffusely nodular adenomyosis of the uterine body, endometriosis of the extra-intestinal space with contact retraction of the surface of the posterior wall of the uterine body, peritoneal leaf and the intestinal wall of the rectosigmoid junction.

MR signs of a right-sided hydrosalpinx.

Patient R. 41 years old

Diagnosis: Deep infiltrative endometriosis. Navy carrier Mirena.

Complaints: a feeling of pain during sexual intercourse.


Pain has been troubling for more than 2 years. When examined by a gynecologist, a functional cyst of the right ovary periodically appears. I was examined at the clinic. If deep infiltrative endometriosis is suspected, pelvic MRI is recommended. Appointed Visan 1t. / 1 ​​time per day. Treatment tolerates. The pains have diminished. Menstruation like this, bloody discharge is irregular, scanty. On 1 October 2020, the Mirena system was introduced. Menstruation against the background of Mirena is scanty. Periodically disturbed by pain during sexual intercourse.

CONCLUSION MR signs may correspond to diffuse adenomyosis (2nd stage), retrocervical pelvic endometriosis

Patient Us. 50 years old

Diagnosis: Uterine fibroids. Adenomyosis of the uterus. Leukoplakia of the cervix.

Increased body weight.

Complaints: excessive discharge during menstruation, decrease in GB.

Uterine fibroids have been observed since 2017.

MRI CONCLUSION. The detected neoplasm of the uterine body is typical for Uterine Fibroid of subserous localization, without signs of degeneration. Adenomyosis of the body of the uterus.

There are no data on neoplasia (malignancy) of the body / cervix in this study.



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