October 1 2020

HOPKINS® Rubina™ NIR/ICG Telescopes

The new RUBINA™ NIR/ICG telescopes with the HOPKINS® rod lens system provides very good image quality. Optimized focus of the tissue to be viewed and the illumination of the operative field are the main features of these telescopes. The HOPKINS® RUBINA™ NIR/ICG telescopes were specially designed for use with the new IMAGE1 S™ 4U RUBINA™ camera system. The telescopes form the basis for a high-quality 4K imaging technology which enables fluorescence imaging in the near infrared range via indocyanine green (ICG).

  • Optimized illumination of the operative field
  • No refocusing required when switching between the white light and NIR modes
  • Selection of different viewing angles, i.e. 0°, 30° and 45°
  • Available in diameters 5 mm and 10 mm

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