January 20 2021

KARL STORZ HOPKINS® Telescopes: Quality – Value Preservation – Reliability

The KARL STORZ HOPKINS® rod lens system retains its impressive image quality with every new telescope. With over 75 years of experience, the name KARL STORZ is synonymous with high quality standards.

The innovative technologies from KARL STORZ

Quality improvements of the KARL STORZ telescopes through the continuous optimization of manufacturing processes and use of innovative materials.

  • Fine adjustment of the optical system with state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies.
  • Sharpness of detail and precise display of tissue structures based on the coordinated interaction between KARL STORZ telescopes, light sources and the IMAGE1 S™ camera platform.

Conventional KARL STORZ HOPKINS® telescopes can be used with all camera platforms, whether HD, 4K or future advancements. With KARL STORZ telescopes, you are – according to our philosophy “the future has tradition, and tradition has a future” – ready for the next step.

– Quality and service pay off:

The KARL STORZ repair-exchange program creates a closed service cycle: Replacement

by original products ensures the long-term value preservation of your investments at repair prices. We will be happy to generate a specific cost calculation for you. In the long term, repair costs are reduced and product life is maximized in accordance with the total cost of ownership model.

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