December 11 2020

Rapid Tissue Ablation with a Small Diameter

6 mm Intrauterine BIGATTI Shaver (IBS®) with ENDOMAT® SELECT

With an optical system that features an outer diameter of only 6 mm, the Intrauterine BIGATTI Shaver (IBS®) is inserted into the minimally dilated cervix with the help of a tapered obturator. The 4 mm shaver blade allows the immediate removal of intrauterine pathologies outside the OR. The IBS® is an effective, precise and safe alternative to a conventional resectoscope.*

  • No thermal damage to tissue thanks to the purely mechanical removal of polyps, myomas or placental remnants
  • Resected tissue is immediately suctioned via the ENDOMAT® SELECT and collected in a tissue trap
  • Minimal outer diameter
    • Optimized procedure time
    • Enhanced safety, accessibility and patient satisfaction
  • The only fully reusable hysteroscopic shaver system

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