October 8 2020

TIPCAM®1 Rubina™

3D in 4K image quality

The new TIPCAM®1 RUBINA™ features two 4K sensors that are integrated into the distal end of the videoendoscope. TIPCAM®1 RUBINA™ can still be used as a 2D or 3D videoendoscope. Image processing takes place in the IMAGE1 S™ camera system.

Automatic horizon control

In order to offer the user a stable image horizon, the new TIPCAM®1 RUBINA™ is equipped with an automatic horizon control function in both the 2D and 3D modes. This function offers the user better orientation and handling and is called “autorotation” if TIPCAM®1 RUBINA™ is used in the 2D mode and “autoswitch” if used in the 3D mode.

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